As of July 1, 2015, Dr. Brower is affiliated with the Daviess Community Hospital.

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Although the office name has changed, you will receive the same quality of care that you expect and are accustomed to.


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Providing Solutions with Progressive Chiropractic Care

At the DCH Spine and Joint Center a patient-centered, progressive chiropractic approach provides individuals of all ages with a comprehensive treatment strategy that is personalized to address their spinal, muscular, joint, or nerve related conditions which may be causing pain or activity limitation.

When evaluating the cause of a condition, many aspects of an individual’s history and physical exam are taken into consideration.  This process includes determining which joints and soft tissues are not functioning correctly, what muscle imbalances and weaknesses are present, and what movement patterns are faulty and promoting symptoms.  Each of these factors affects optimal function of the body and can ultimately lead to pain, injury, and decreased performance.

Once each person’s goals of care have been established, a thorough exam will be conducted to diagnose their injury or condition and determine why it exists and how it can be addressed most effectively.

Based upon each person’s unique situation and characteristics, a treatment strategy will then be employed only as necessary.  Chiropractic manipulations and mobilizations to stiff joints in the spine and extremities will be provided as needed to improve mobility and reduce pain.  Soft tissue treatments consisting of Active Release Techniques (ART®), Graston® instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and other manual therapies will be used to address restrictions and tension within muscles and surrounding tissues to restore range of motion and reduce discomfort. Functional rehabilitation techniques will be used to restore muscular endurance and proper movement patterns to help address the current complaint and prevent problems in the future.  Most importantly, well supported, current evidence-informed advice will be given to all persons so they can better understand exactly what their problem is, how our office can help them, how they can help themselves, and what other health care providers have to offer them.


Photo of Dr. Jess T. Brower, DC - Chiropractic Physician

 Dr. Jess T. Brower, DC

Chiropractic Physician at the DCH Spine and Joint Center


It is our goal to provide each person with a better understanding of their current condition and the opportunity to feel better and perform at their best as soon as possible.  If appropriate, care can also include interaction with other healthcare providers.  Dr. Brower takes pride in working with other healthcare providers that make each patient a priority and provide a high level of service in an integrated, cooperative manner from Evansville to Indianapolis.

If you are suffering from a new injury, or are looking for a second, third, or fourth opinion regarding your condition and what options you may have, Dr. Brower wants to provide you with the honest and straight forward answers that you are seeking.


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